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Combine your personal finances and trading activities with a convenient all-in-one solution, and get your first 60 days subscription for free with live pricing from the NASDAQ & LSE exchanges


Thousands of global stocks

Trade shares listed on US (Nasdaq, NYSE), UK-LSE, Germany (XETRA), France, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands (Euronext), Switzerland (SIX) exchanges from a single account!

Comprehensive stock details including real-time charts, news, fundamentals and estimates*
Real-time Portfolio summary and performance analytics
Easy-to-use screeners, personal watchlist and advanced filtering based on 80+ stock parameters*
Platform solutions for desktop web & mobile

Revolutionise your portfolio with our robust Invest Webtrader Platform

While our BnkPro app is a complete all in one solution with integrated access to your investment portfolio, we understand the need for a more visual and in-depth desktop solution with advanced screeners and filters. Get the best of both worlds with BnkPro!
Pre-set screeners to view groups of stocks by weekly gainers and losers, high dividend yield stocks & growth ideas, saving you time and hassle when searching for individual securities.
Analyse your portfolio performance with a detailed breakdown of your trades and stock allocation by sector, currency or region.
Competitive commissions and transparent fee structure
Exclusive global news feed that can be filtered to show areas of interest, such as regional news, emerging markets news, different sectors, and many more!
Get a free subscription to real-time pricing of instruments traded on the NASDAQ & LSE exchanges included in your monthly BnkPro subscription
Access comprehensive company statistics and hover over any term in Webtrader to view its description with our useful tooltips.
Take advantage of over 80 different filters to narrow down and identify stocks that fit your individual investment preferences. No more getting lost or overwhelmed by a wide list of stocks that don't suit your needs.
The Invest Webtrader platform is optimised for Chrome & Firefox browsers, allowing you to access your portfolio with ease, complemented by the BnkPro app so you can monitor and trade on the go as well!

Investments are an integrated feature within the BnkPro app, allowing you to trade and monitor your portfolio on the go.

Make smart investment choices Invest like a Pro - with BnkPro

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  All market data (including the data used for the pre-set screeners and advanced filtering) is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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