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At BnkPro, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can contribute to the company’s success and excel in a dynamic and innovative working environment. We view each and every one of our employees as an indispensable part of our Pro team.

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What we offer

BnkPro Careers


BnkPro Careers

Medical and life

BnkPro Careers

Ongoing training and
education sponsorship

Hiring process

The hiring process at BnkPro is optimised to find the best possible candidate for the specific position.

Hiring Process
Hiring Process

Application Submission: Candidates can submit their application through the company's official careers page on the website.

Hiring Process
Hiring Process

Resume Screening: HR personnel screen the resumes of the applicants to ensure that they meet the basic qualifications and requirements of the job.

Hiring Process
Hiring Process

Screening Call: The HR team schedule a screening call with the candidate to further assess their skills and experience and to discuss the job requirements and responsibilities.

Hiring Process
Hiring Process

Interview with Team Lead: The candidate may then be invited for an interview with the team lead. During this interview, the candidate's technical knowledge, experience, and ability to work with a team can be assessed.

Hiring Process

Final Interview with COO: If the candidate passes the team lead's interview, they can be invited for a final interview with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company.


Before we proceed with an offer, we perform a background check to ensure that the candidate is suitable for employment, and an offer is then made to the best suitable candidate to come and join our Pro team!

Employee Culture 💼

Our large team of professionals create our combined Pro culture, where hard work and dedication are rewarded.

Teamwork Like a Pro 🤝

We have regular team-building events & strengthen our teamwork skills

BnkPro Careers

Party Like a Pro 🎉

Regular get-togethers and socialising to help develop the bond between our employees

BnkPro Careers
Progress Like a Pro 🎓

We offer multiple training and education opportunities to further your career

BnkPro is an Equal Opportunity Employer, with employees from a range of backgrounds, nationalities, ages and skill sets.

15+ years of experience
5 offices
200+ employees
22 nationalities
17 languages spoken

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More ways to reach us: Call +44 (0) 203 0231 777 (24/7) or live chat • 13/14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ, UK.

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