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Cookies are small text files placed on your computer that are created by the websites you visit or by certain emails you open. Cookies are used to improve your user experience, enable functionality on the website, facilitate site security and provide the business with marketing information about the site’s visitors. Cookie text files comprise both numbers and letters and are saved into special areas in the memory of your computer or mobile device. Cookies stored here are called session cookies while cookies placed into the hard drive are called persistent cookies.

The BnkPro cookie disclosure provides the user with information related to the cookies set when you visit a BnkPro website and how to reject or delete those cookies.
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BnkPro websites use cookies to provide the functionality you need to browse our site correctly. BnkPro websites issue cookies upon visiting our websites, unless the user has changed cookie settings in their browser to refuse cookies. Please note that with cookies switched off, many areas of our website and services may not be made available to you. Also, by disabling cookies, the functionality of social bookmarking will not be functional.

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